Friday, March 18, 2011

In The Beginning

I often think about the bigger picture in life...Trying to find a balance between being present in the moment, and allowing the mind to get lost in the fond memories of the past. There are times when the vision is clear, the mind is sharp, the body is strong & healthy and the eyes sparkle the truth (for what they have seen may reflect in the eyes of the people that we love and cherish the most). Then there are moments in life when we feel lost and lonely, trying to free the spirit from heartache, pain, expectations, then finally losing sinserity and compassion, for the gift of having faith in the journey that leads use all to the discovery of ones destiny. How the most unexpected, but heart felt moments always seem to present themselves, when the spirit is searching for answers...we are so blessed with a breath of courage for the moments in life that lie ahead.

Long before this picture was ever published, I had always dreamed of being on the cover of Powder magazine.  I was 18 years old living on Silver Star mtn with my folks, working carpentry trying to save enough money to go trekking in the Himilaya's, to get a true impression on the mountain culture in the remote villages of the Kumbo. At this point in my life,  I was genuinely free spirited, extremely fit and motivated to chase my passions for the high mountains, with a clear vision as to what I wanted out of life.  All I thought about was climbing and skiing for the camera, and I was sure that was the path destined to be explored.  So, I moved to Whistler in the fall of 2002 to see if i could crack into the ski industry, and put my competitive abilities on the free skiing tour to the test.  I can still remember those first few days sitting in the old A-frame cabin on Toni Sailor lane watching winter make it's way down into the valley and instantly realizing I had found my paradise, and before long I'd be suiting up for battle.

The date was Nov 15th 2002, 2:15pm on an over case day/light winds with scattered showers, a perfect day for a mountain bike ride followed up with a warm brew and a sauna with an old mate.  Not knowing anyone in town, I thought it was about time to start making some calls so I picked up the phone book and flipped threw the pages in search for "M'.  I new of Paul Morrison from his ski photography in Powder Magazine and I was also aware that he was still very active in the ski world basing himself out of Whistler.  I had always wanted to meet Paul, so I decided to call him and see if he might be interested in taking some pictures together sometime.

I remember being so nervous when i was standing on the top of the ridge in the morning light, awaiting his count heart was pumping with adrenaline as I stepped in my platform one last time before I teed up my take off heading straight for Paul's lense.   Twenty five footer's were standard jumps at that time so I was confident that I had it all the way and could not hesitate.  It was a perfect oppertunity to make my mark, and there it is... my first ever published photo in the mags and just as I had invisioned it would be.    Thank you Paul!

"Never fear a vision that is yet to be lived alone, for then its magic, it's surely meant to fade away in the moments of hesitation, life's grandest, most pure sensations become only a whispering illusion."


  1. Dude, you sound like a whore with your, 'All I thought about was climbing and skiing for the camera.' I find it disturbing that your generation is so self centered. I guess the worship of money and fame has become pervasive.

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