Monday, September 27, 2010

La Grave, France 2010

La Grave~ Living Dreams Unknown~
Ahhhhh, the feeling of being high in the Alps with great friends, on a frigid winters day! Exploring the crisp solitude, while setting the spirit free...but in a moment of truth, finding yourself afraid to make even the smallest mistake.  I have skied in La Grave a total of 12 weeks in the past three winters, falling deeper in love with it's intensity, beauty, and wisdom...each time I find myself skiing along side it's shadows. My most recent session, during the filming "A Skiers Journey", with my great friend Jordan Manley, was an emotional experience to say the least.

How much my skiing has changed, I thought, and for the first time in my 10 year career, I was no longer setting the rhythm of the ascent, but rather struggling to stay on my feet.  I listened closely to God's voice in the wind, trying to figure out how I could keep going amidst such pain and frustration. Simply sharing the love of skiing amongst friends, and breathing the fresh mountain air, was becoming almost unbearable. It got to the point that I couldn't even walk to the Te'le'phe'rique, without my fractured leg screaming at me to go back BC and hang up the skis..."really go home before something bad happens."

Over the past 7 years, I have struggled with several major injuries, that have frequently presented themselves during the process of chasing my dreams. Unfortunately, the off seasons are just not long enough for the body to heal. For six months now, I have taken the time to be present, while the long process of healing and rebuilding takes place. It also has given me the chance to reflect on my many years of travel, and consciously relive the memories created with so many wonderful, interesting and loving people along the way.

I have always believed, that if I followed my heart, no matter where it took me, it would be a place that I could be myself without expectation for what might lay ahead. All those days, pushing the limits climbing, pounding the trails on my hard tail, paddling into big waves or wandering the endless streets of the third world searching that gem photo, but without a doubt, the most expressive and challenging journey to date has yet to present itself.
"How the most unexpected, yet most heart felt moments, always seem to present themselves when the spirit is searching for answers and longing for inspiration"

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